CEO/Award Winning Celebrity Multi-cultural Master Barber 


Barber Jacque’ Scott, better known as Sci-Fi, is definitely on the come up. The 31-year-old hair magician can allegedly turn any head into a mind-blowing piece of art. And you don’t have to take my word for it. Just check out the 5-star Yelp reviews calling her the “best barber in Philly.” Or you can ask the celebrity athletes who have spent time in her chair. Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks has made a visit and so have Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry and Major League Soccer player Justin Morrow, among others. Sci-Fi’s journey has been far from easy. For starters, she’s a woman in a male-dominated field and opening a small business in Philly on one’s own isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Right now, Sci-Fi's shop located at 808 South Street, is completely run by the young entrepreneur, though she’s looking to welcome others and has plans to teach students at Another Planet Barber Academy, coming soon. READ MORE

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Professional Intuitive, Medium, Tarot reader, Spiritual mentor/guide


Certified Reiki Master & Energy healer


Samantha Scott is a gifted spiritual channeler for the healing of others. In a reading she connects with God, angels and ancestors to assist you in where you are in your journey. It is a therapy session with God in the middle. She is a vessel for the spirit to get clarifying and healing messages through to you about your life journey and any situation you are needing clarity or peace on. Tarot is not a crystal ball and is not meant to give you all the answers. The future is always changing based on our choices. She is able to give potential outcomes but we have the power to decide what path we take at the end of the day. Her goal is to just give the messages to your spirit feels you need right now and help you to move forward fearlessly, knowing you are never alone and to connect you to The Divine and your own divinity. 


Samantha also offer energy healings to help release any blockages that are keeping you from living in your fullest potential. As an energy healer, she is the middle woman between you and spirit. Ultimately you are healing yourself. She is as a spiritual conductor.

Reiki can also be used as pain management for people who have ailments, pains, or anything going on with the physical body. It is not a replacement of medical care but a great accompaniment to medical treatment. She specializes in concussion symptoms relief as well. 


We don’t realize that everything that happens with our physical body is a lot of times because of our spirit trying to release  emotional trauma. Reiki is great for those experiencing any nuisance ailments or have a condition that only time can heal. Reiki can help it heal faster with consistent healing sessions while also committing to self care and medical treatment if it is a part of your healing process. 


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